So you’re thinking about making a SWITCH?
Before you go running away from your current brokerage, there is a very good reason NOT to make a move. And that reason is if you are trying to get away from yourself.  You must realize that no matter where you go…when you look in the mirror…you’re still there.

What does this mean?  It means that if you are not putting in the work, not willing to be held accountable, not motivated, not excited, not willing to hustle, and not disciplined…the brokerage that you are at DOES NOT MATTER.


With that out of the way, here are the TOP 10 REASONS agents will switch brokerages:

1) Poor Training / Coaching

2) Expenses Too High

3) No Leads Provided

4) Lack of Support

5) Not Hitting Goals

6) Marketing With No Results

7) Ineffective Technology

8) Mediocre Leadership

9) Negative Office Culture

10) No One Cared / No Accountability


You’re reading this because deep down you know that you can achieve more!

If you haven’t reached your peak potential, don’t be too hard on yourself… 

It’s not your fault!  You could be in the WRONG BROKERAGE.

Maybe you want to make more money, have more fun, enjoy more freedom, create a consistent income, reduce expenses, or just be coached to your highest and best self.  You’re entitled to that right?  Absolutely!

Not having reached your goals (yet) is just a ‘stepping stone’ on your journey.  You know that given the proper opportunity to work with the right people, systems, and technology …that you could soar.


What’s holding you back? 

Sometimes It Takes a Leap of Faith!

Finding the ‘Right Fit Brokerage’ is a discovery process. Here are some questions to consider as you search for the best place that will help achieve your dreams.
1) FEES / EXPENSES: Are you being charged a monthly fee?  Is the the value that you receive from the office equal to the amount you pay?
2) MARKETING: Does your office bill you for mass marketing and advertising programs that do not result in direct leads to you?
3) LEADS: How many leads are you given each month to contact (people who want to buy or sell – including: name, email, and phone numbers) ?
4) TRAINING: Does your office coach and role play on how to convert leads into business via phone, text, email, and presentations in person?
5) TECHNOLOGY: What follow-up and transaction software does the office provide? Do they teach you how to make money using it?
6) ACCOUNTABILITY: Does your office help you create a business plan, set goals, and then meet with you regularly to hold you to your targets?
Maybe a change could be just the right thing to launch your real estate career.  If you’ve read this far then you at least owe yourself the chance to explore the possibilities. We have options for both independent agents as well as agents who would like to have the support of a team and a more ‘Done-For-You’ approach.

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